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        Nicereply uses 量子植入cookies to improve your experience.
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        Our customer satisfaction survey software is built for customer support teams. Nicereply allows you to incorporate satisfaction surveys 量子植入directly into your helpdesk conversations.量子植入

        Vykintas Glodenis
        Nicereply is the 量子植入critical component量子植入 of our email customer support (which is by far the largest of our channels).

        Nicereply provides us with the major KPI of customer satisfaction which 量子植入is like a heartbeat monitor量子植入 of our customer support.
        Vykintas Glodenis
        Head of Customer Success at Mindvalley
        Red X



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        Recognize your best support teams and agents with leaderboards.

        Agents and teams are ranked by a complex index based not only on average rating scores, but also on the number of collected ratings.

        Pos. Name Average Ratings
        1. John Vance 9.93 1 370
        2. Cyrilla Warner 9.63 678
        3. Deniece Johnson 8.86 820
        4. Creigh Sherman 8.77 202
        5. Lyda Moore 8.50 308


        Our pricing is transparent. We don’t hide prices from you. Enjoy all features with any plan. Use any integration, including Salesforce

        Feature Nicereply
        for Salesforce
        All the integrations Yes No Yes
        API access Yes No Yes
        Real-time analytics Yes No Yes
        Email and trigger templates Yes No Yes
        Notifications Yes No Yes
        Filtered dashboards Yes No Yes
        Customizable surveys Yes Yes Yes
        Reporting Yes Yes Yes
        Ticket backlink Yes No No
        Pushing rating to ticket Yes No No
        Pricing From 49 $ per month From 150 $ per month From 599 $ per month
        per month


        Evaluate Nicereply for yourself. Start 14-day trial and try all the features and benefits of getting real-time feedback with Nicereply.

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